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New version of iLearnWales is ready for release

The latest version of iLearnWales.org.uk is ready for release into schools in Torfaen and Monmouthshire for 29th April.

This promises to be really important for teachers and learners alike. Great content features are being released to enable teachers to work individually and collaboratively to produce effective, interactive, learning and assessment resources. Playlists have been redesigned to allow users to create high-quality content. New Playlists still have the ability to add text and attachments but you’ll now be able to embed video URLs from the internet and to pose multiple choice questions with the option of summative feedback Assignments have been enhanced and now offer the ability to attach both SCORM assessment objects and Playlists. These can be auto-marked, which means an Assignment can be distributed to a class, completed and marked without the need for the teacher to mark each Assignment individually. For ideas on how to use the new features please visit our youtube channel at www.youtube.com/user/ilearnwales, where supporting videos will be available by the 1st May.